Mt Sylvia Soil Conditioners is focused on the development of its Palagonite products and the education of current and future clients in the uses of these products.

Company information

The Directors have degrees in science and are focussed on delivering the best outcomes from the products they either extract or mine from their operations at Mt Sylvia. They continue to identify opportunities in sourcing rock materials with unique characteristics that are linked to better agricultural outcomes.

They recognize that in this era of water shortage and increasing awareness of chemical pollution in industry and agriculture, Palagonite offers unique, environmentally sustainable solutions to a diverse range of problems.

Guy Lewington

Guy has an honours degree in Geology, and diplomas in Mineral Economics and Organic Agriculture. He was instrumental in the discovery and development of large gold mines in Western Australia including Kanowna Belle, Sunrise Dam and Nimary. He spent seven years as an organic macadamia grower in northern NSW. As a farmer he renewed his friendship with Martin I'Ons who owned a neighbouring farm. Together they became increasingly fascinated with basalt sourced conditioners as a fertilizer and soil conditioner and as geologists recognized the hidden potential of the high quality product at Mt Sylvia. Guy is the Chief Executive Officer of the Company and has taken on the role of Senior Site Executive at Mt Sylvia.
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Dr Ian Neering

Ian has a PhD in Physiology and Pharmacology. He conducted research and taught medical and science students at the University of NSW for a number of years and attained the position of Associate Professor. Ian has been active amongst other things in developing protocols for the evaluation of Palagonite. Ian, who lives in Canberra coordinates all of the Company's research and regulatory programs and is the Chief Financial Officer of the Company.

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Martin I'Ons

Martin has an honours degree in geology and has worked in the mineral exploration industry since 1974 specialising in the interpretation of aerial photographs and satellite imagery. As a farmer, Martin became interested in plant nutrition and through his attempts to optimize broad acre production recognised the potential value of the Mt Sylvia Palagonite in rejuvenating depleted soils that have been subjected to extended cropping and grazing.Martin continues his work as a consulting geologist but provides invaluable assistance particularly in geochemistry and agronomy.
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The mine at Mt Sylvia has a dedicated staff. Bob Miners, the Plant Manager has a wealth of experience, He has been with Mount Sylvia for more than twelve years. Our general staff, Peter Coleman, Doug Logan and Kyle Hayward are multi-skilled and focused on quality control.