Southern Cross University internal report to EAL Laboratory on 1 mm palagonite sample supplied by Guy Lewington, Mt Sylvia Diatomite and requested for analysis on the 27th July, 2015 - Lab Job No. E3275



  1. Hanging Water Column method with ceramic plates was used to determine relationship between soil suction (-matric potential) and volumetric water content.
  2. Decagon WP4-T dewpoint potentiameter was used to determine volumetric water content at permanent wilting point
  3. Soil moisture characteristic curve parameters for the other soils from Rosetta pedotransfer functions within RETC, reference: van Genuchten, M. T., Simunek, J., Leij, F. J. & Sejna, M. (2000). RETC ("RETention Curve") Code for Quantifying the Hydraulic Functions of Unsaturated Soils. Riverside, CA, US Salinity Laboratory, USDA, ARS.