Monday, September 28, 2015

The following paper was written by Boral researchers some 15 years ago and indicate Boral's focus at that time. I would like to bring to your attention the average CEC values coming from their crusher dusts. They average no more than 10 meq/100g where Mt Sylvia palagonite averages 35 meq/100g .Given that the CEC is a measure of soil fertility This paper gives the reader an opportunity to compare Boral data with data from our own palagonite which is available to read in the Product section of this website.

Following an extensive worldwide literature search and discussions with experts in the field from Europe, USA and Australia, greenhouse trials have been carried out using basaltic rock dust to assess the impact on plant growth and health and soil improvements. Rock dust contains a large range of trace elements and improves thesoil pH, water retention, microbial activity, in general the plant growth and the soil structure. Basaltic rock dust with higher paramagnetic intensity is very beneficial for the improvement of soil quality and in turn plant growth and health. Field trials are being undertaken to verify the positive results from the greenhouse trials. Additional investigations recommended are microbial treatments, assessment of compost behaviour and issues related to blending, pelletising, minerals addition etc.