I have completed a trial of Mt Sylvia Soil Conditioner product called palagonite (Soil Support) on a crop of ginger. The trial involved the input of composted chicken manure (6 tonnes Ha) prior to planting except for two rows which were also treated with palagonite (6 tonnes per Ha).

The crop has now been harvested. For the non-palagonite treated rows 1.6 tonnes of ginger were harvested per row. For the two palagonite treated rows 2.5 tonnes of ginger were harvested per row. This represents a more than 50% increase in yield for the palagonite treated rows.

Not only was there a considerable increase in yield but the size of the gingers was much larger. I call these gingers "Jumbo Gingers". I will be using palagonite on all my farm blocks next season and probably at increased rates.

Anthony Bauer

Lockyer Valley Organic Farm